Recent findings from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown that worker productivity has continued to steadily rise since 1959. However, there is more that businesses can do to maximise this productivity and minimise losses due to lost working days and other types of waste in a business environment.

This course will equip learners with a detailed understanding of the lean management system and how to implement business improvement techniques and employ effective team work in a business.

Who is suitable?

This course is ideal for learners who wish to increase their awareness and understanding of the lean management system and the features of a lean environment. The qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 or above.

What you will learn?

This course is split into three manageable units:
Unit 1: Lean organisation techniques in business
Unit 2: Business improvement techniques
Unit 3: Effective team work in business.


  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Learn how to implement lean management and business improvement techniques for your organisation
  • This course is delivered via distance learning, allowing you to choose when and where you study
  • Study will enhance both your personal skills and professional development
  • Personal Tutors are assigned to you to ensure you have the support needed to succeed.