Whether you’re joining us on a weekly leisure class or looking to further your professional skills or change career – Even if you haven’t quite made up your mind what you want to do, enrol with us to stay up to date as we launch courses and sessions throughout the year.

Here’s a quick checklist we thought would be helpful to consider, so there’s no surprises.. we’re here to help you every step of your learning journey. If you have any questions call our Registry Team on 01702 445 700 for more information or email: sacc@southend-adult.ac.uk

Tips before you enrol

  • Do you have the time to learn something new? Making time to learn is the most important step. Look at your daily routine, travel time, TV time and periods on Social Media could free up more time in your day than you think.
  • Arrange funding – You will need to make arrangements to pay your fees if the course is not free and start to plan your finances. Speak to our registry team for more information.
  • Book a Pre-Course Assessment Staff will need to meet you to ensure you are on the right level course and assess support you may need. More PCA info here>
  • Do you need Additional Learning Support – We can support your learning or accessibility at college. More ALS info here>
  • Consider what materials you may need for class – Speak to registry for information as this may have an effect on the cost of your course.
  • Do you need help with Childcare – We can help you access information on childcare providers close to the college
  • Transport arrangements Our sites are served by nearby bus and rail services. Our Southchurch Centre is less than 100 yards from Southend East Station and some learners can enjoy C2C discounted travel.
  • Your way to Enrol – once you have selected your course, enrol by hitting the enrol button or other ways to enrol here