The Westcliff Centre is a provision for adults aged 19 to 22 with severe, profound and multiple disabilities and difficulties. As part of Southend Adult Community College, we have our own purpose built centre with facilities to support all learners to accessible education, the centre offers a curriculum based on individual targets with accreditation with ASDAN Person Progress.

Each learner engages in a variety of activities to enhance and develop their academic, personal and social skills to enable them to live as independently as possible in their lives.


Each year the activities for the curriculum change in response to learner targets and needs. These include art based activities such as pottery and painting to develop fine motor skills and co-ordination; personal safety; music to develop communication and self-expression; reading and writing with emphasis on comprehension and key words; cooking and home based skills, such as making beds and using a washing machine. All sessions are tailored to individually support the needs of the learner to enable all learners to benefit from a varied timetable.

Facilities and Support

The Westcliff Centre provides and accredits the essential physiotherapy and hydrotherapy that a number of our learners need in order to maintain their health and enable them to access their curriculum fully. With access to a hydrotherapy pool and embedded physiotherapy at Lancaster School, we promote the well-being of learners. We have access to an accessible minibus, learners are able to visit our main Southchurch Centre for pottery sessions and also their wider community, fostering those experiences that promote inclusion.

The Westcliff Centre supports some learners with work placement experiences within our main site and develops wider skills for these young people.
Links to local schools have been developed and fostered to enable new learners an effective transition period prior to them starting at the Westcliff Centre. Staff visit and support learners in their school settings and learners spend time at the centre to ensure the move from school to college is an effective and smooth transition.

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