Our Functional Skills courses can equip learners with anything from Entry Level to Level 2 knowledge of the following topics: reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

According to the National Literacy Trust, 16% of adults are ‘functionally illiterate’. It is more important than ever to provide a basic source of English learning for these individuals.

Who is suitable?

This course is ideal for learners who wish to improve their English skills. Our e-learning resources are sequenced to challenge the learner and maximise the development of crucial skills for work and life.

What will you learn?


  • Identifying and distinguishing between facts, opinion and bias
  • Purposes of texts
  • Textual features and devices
  • Linguistic techniques
  • Comparing and contrasting texts


  • Punctuation, grammar and sentence structure
  • Spelling
  • Formal and informal language
  • Layouts, format and structure of texts
  • Writing texts

Speaking and Listening:

  • Identifying and following information from various texts
  • Communicating information, ideas and opinions clearly
  • Making relevant and constructive contributions.

Learning method

Studying via distance learning means you can choose when and where you study. We ensure you get all the support you need throughout your course in the form of a personal Tutor and a Learner Support Advisor.


  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  •  Develop the English skills required to begin or develop a career
  • This course is delivered via distance learning, allowing you to choose when and where you study
  • Study will enhance both your personal skills and professional development
  • Personal tutors are assigned to you to ensure you have the support needed to succeed.