Study programmes are designed for young people between the ages of 16 to 19. These are full time programmes that intend to prepare you for employment, further qualifications and active citizenship.

The programme is made up of key elements:

  • Maths & English – Maths and English are essential skills for work. If you don’t already have a GCSE grade 4 (C), you will continue to study Maths and/or English as part of your course.
  • PSHE – you will develop social, personal and work-related skills in order to play an effective role in society.
  • Vocational qualification – you will study a mixture of theory and practical work and complete coursework. All courses include group tutorials and one-to-one support from your tutor.
  • In addition to those elements, we have a strong emphasis on careers support through our programme of enrichment events. We plan a range of activities each year to help you gain the skills that are valued by employers. The activities include visits, guest speakers, volunteering opportunities, and career events.

Maths and English

English and Maths are essential skills for your career but also in your everyday life.

Our Study Programme will help you gain qualifications in both Maths and English, as they form a mandatory component of 16-19 Study Programmes for those students who have not achieved a grade 9-4 GCSE in one or both of these subject.

Students who hold English and Maths GCSE at grade 9-4 will extend their skills through a programme of study through extended projects, presentations or work-related activity.


  “I’m now in control of my life and feel supported to work through any challenges and reach my goals.”


PSHE refers to “Personal, Social & Health Education”, and is a practical way of teaching you about a range of topics that help you understand how to navigate adult life. This part of the programme will allow you to get real-life skills, build your independence, and reach your potential.


Vocational Courses

SACC offers a variety of vocational courses that will help you build your expertise in one of these areas:

Travel & Tourism

Looking for a career in the travel and tourism industry? Throughout the Travel & Tourism course, you will gain skills in employability alongside learning about destinations and preparation for working in the industry. The course will also include employability and personal development activities to enable students to become active citizens with preparation for employment in the industry.


Health & Care

This course is perfect for anyone looking for a career in Healthcare, Social Care or Childcare. Along with your Health and Care lessons, you will learn about skills for employability which are essential in any sector. From human growth and development, physical care of young babies and children, to healthy diets and learning disabilities, you will have a comprehensive learning experience.

“I’ve been successful in getting an apprenticeship at a big company in Southend.”

Creative Media

Our Creative Media programme will appeal to anyone who is a bit arty and/or is very tech savvy. Our programme will allow you to explore the areas of advertising, marketing, social media, newspapers, radio, podcast, with a final project to plan a film or audio product for you to present at the end of the year.


Catering & Hospitality

If you’re a budding chef or fancy running your own restaurant, the Catering & Hospitality course will be perfect for you. We will provide you with a broad introduction to the hospitality and catering sector while giving you the important transferable skills to take with you into the world of work.


Sport & Active Leisure

Throughout the Sport & Active Leisure course, you will gain skills in employability alongside learning about healthy diets and the functions of the body. With this course, you will learn the function and components of the body in physical activity, how to plan for a healthy diet and the impact diet has on our bodies, and how to provide customer service whilst working in the industry.

Careers guidance

Careers guidance is provided by our experienced Employability team who can be contacted by email on

Every young person benefits from:

  • Careers guidance at Induction
  • Work experience both inhouse and external
  • Guest speakers to classes
  • Visits to workplace
  • Employer events
  • Careers guidance interventions throughout the programme
  • Signposting to further learning, apprenticeships and jobs
  • Exit interviews and next steps All our learners benefit from:
  • Free 1:1 interviews with qualified and trained advisors who can offer comprehensive, confidential information and impartial advice about learning and work, as well as the local and national labour market
  • Information and advice on a range of extra support including childcare, funding and securing additional maths, English and digital skills
  • Being treated fairly with equality, respect and support
  • Opportunities to feed back on the quality of the service provided

Still not sure what career you want to pursue?

Do not worry! SACC also offers an “Entry 3 Extended Certificate in Vocational Studies”, a lower level that will enable you to explore several vocational areas, along with employability, English and Maths.

Young People with SEN

We also offer a program of study for 16 to 19 years olds with SEN, the majority of whom will have an EHCP. It is suitable for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities or with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND), who will benefit from a course that develops skills, attitudes and behaviours valuable in an employment context, through taking part in enterprise activity.

This course has been developed as part of a coherent learning progression within the college to recognise the achievements of learners working at or towards Entry level qualifications, as they prepare for employment, independent living, further learning or adult life in general.

Our wide range of study programme subjects will help you achieve your future potential.

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