There are many ways you can get involved with the college as a local employer.

Job Fairs

We often hold job fairs for our learners to give them the chance to meet employers and use these conversations as a chance to consider where they want to take their careers in the future.

Recent job fairs, like those pictured below have been great opportunities to enhance our learners understanding of the different industries and paths available to them.

Industry Talks

Do you have an hour to spare to talk about the organisation/sector that you work in? How did you get into the role? What are the requirements? What’s good about the job? What’s not so good? Any tips?

Research shows that the more encounters with employers a young adult has the better their chances of securing work when they finish education.

This is more crucial than ever now in the current economic climate.

Industry talks can be held virtually if preferable.

Workplace Visits

Could you invite a small group of our vocational learners for a tour of your workplace?

Provide an insight into the range of roles available, sector entry requirements and employer expectations.

Contact Us

If you are able to support us with any of the above please contact us at