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             CPD*: quick courses that

                  give you the edge

       We offer online Continued Professional Development (CPD)* courses which
       boost essential skills and are a great addition to your CV. FREE or paid (£30 per
       course) depending on your circumstances
       Quick to do and easy to access, study from anywhere, at a time that suits you. All of our
       short CPD courses are delivered fully online and are auto-marked, meaning feedback and
       results are instant.

       These bite-sized programmes are      Progression to higher levels and
       interactive and take, on average, just   qualifications:
       two hours to complete.
                                               ƒ We have a range of specialised
                                              vocational programmes that you can
       CPD benefits:
                                              also access online designed to help you
         ƒ A great addition to your CV        gain valuable qualifications.
         ƒ Shows commitment to your career
         ƒ Improves specific knowledge and skills
       CPD course categories:

         ƒ Childcare and Education
         ƒ Business, Leadership and Management
         ƒ Health and Safety
                                            For more information or to enrol:
         ƒ Health and Social Care           Visit our Southchurch site, call 01702 445700,
         ƒ Health and Fitness               email,
                                            head to our website or
         ƒ Retail and Hospitality
                                            scan the QR code
         ƒ Personal Development and Employability

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