Interim Tuition Service – ITS (medical tuition)

With effect from 2 October 2020 Southend Adult Community College became Southend’s provider of the Interim (medical) Tuition Service.

Working in partnership with the school, the service provides tuition for all school age children who have missed 15 days of school for various reasons, including illness, mental health conditions and pregnancy.

Lessons can be delivered 1 to 1 or in small groups. They can be face to face in college, at home or hospital, depending on current Government Covid-19 restrictions and guidance. We are also able to deliver lessons via Zoom and provide online resources to support learning.

To support a transition back to school we also have a team of 10 AV1 robots that allow children at home or in hospital to access lessons at their school, interact with the teacher and even go out on school trips, all virtually.

Please be reassured that we always put the welfare, wellbeing and safety of our learners at the heart of all we do.

If you would like to know more please take a virtual tour of the college under the video link on the website or contact our team:

Telephone 01702 445700 general college e mail – to contact ITS tutors

deborahangel@southend-adult, – Manager 14 – 19 Provision and ITS

Click here for our guide to Interim Tuition Service for schools

Click here to download a referral form