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How we support you                                      LEARNING SUPPORT SPECIALIST RESOURCES

                                                                 AND EQUIPMENT
                                                               Learning Support is available for learners that may
                                                               require additional support in order to complete their   General Information
          The College is committed to supporting every person   course. The Learning Support Team provides support to
          in Southend to further their learning through a vibrant   enable learners to learn successfully and to progress.
          and innovative adult education service. Our FREE English,   The Learning Support Team:
          Maths and basic ICT courses will help you work towards
          a nationally recognised qualification.               •  Offers advice and can assess the level of support
                                                                 you require
           INFORMATION, ADVICE AND GUIDANCE                    •  Arranges for specialist equipment, support and
                                                                 resources to be available for your needs
          As a college we offer or can sign post you to free and
          impartial information, advice and guidance on learning   •  Supports the tutor in applying for special
          and entering work. This will help you in choosing suitable   arrangements to be made for exams
          education or training; identify the skills you need to get   •  Co-ordinates the provision of support inside and
          back to work or help you to progress in your chosen    outside the classroom
          career. We can also help with advice on how to fund
          your studies, childcare information, job applications and   •  Liaises with other tutors and staff to ensure your
          putting together a new CV (through our job hub).       learning needs are met
                                                               For further information please contact the Additional
               There are some courses requiring a pre-course
                                                               Learning Support Manager, Liz Aarons, on 01702 445703
               assessment to identify if the course you are
                                                               or email
               interested in is the right level for you. These are
               marked in the brochure with this symbol.
                                                                 STUDENT ICT FACILITIES
                                                               •  There are computers available for student use in
          •  We strive to be a disability friendly college. We are fully   the cafeteria and in the first floor lift lobby at our
           committed to ensuring that people with disabilities or   Southchurch Centre.
           impairments, including those with learning difficulties   •  To use a computer at the college, you will need to use
           or disabilities are treated fairly.                   your username and password. Please speak to your
          •  We are committed to ensuring equality for all current   tutor for details.
           and potential students irrespective of any disability,
           age, race, gender, special educational needs, religion,   LOCAL CHILDCARE
           sexual orientation, or marital status.
                                                               There are a number of local childcare providers situated
          •  We believe that everyone should be able to work and
                                                               around the college.
           learn in an environment that is free from harassment
           and bullying and will not tolerate such behaviour.  Cockleshell Nursery, which is located in the grounds of
                                                               the college:
                                                               Contact by telephone 01702 614171
          •  Café facilities only available at certain times and
           limited car parking spaces                          Free to be Nursery, which is a few minutes walk from
                                                               the college:
                                                               Contact by telephone 01702 875079
                                                               Southchurch Park Pre School, which is located a 5
                                                               minute walk from the college:
                                                               Contact by telephone 07942 181039
                                                               Please contact the Nursery before enrolling to ensure
                                                               there’s a vacancy for your child and to discuss start
                                                               dates and settle-in sessions.

          Moodle is Southend Adult Community College’s centrally-supported
          virtual learning environment. We use Moodle as a web-based resource
          to enhance classroom delivery as well as supporting the blended
          learning programmes that take place at our centres.                                                       9
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