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Classical Civilisation
          This course offers an introduction to the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome through mythology, history, archaeology,
          and material culture, with a special emphasis on the Athenian Acropolis and Parthenon.

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4004Y19S1     Fri     4/10/2019    09:45-11:45   14      Southchurch    £166      £133     £67           Community Learning
          Ancient Civilisations
          This course will cover the non-Greaco-Roman (and non-Egyptian) civilisations of the Near East, Aegean, and Mediterranean
          basin, together with selected cultures from Meso-Culture, and South America (Aztecs/Incas). The origins and causes of
          civilisation, and definitions, will be covered. Cultures covered will include, The Minoans, Mycenaeans, Hittites, Sumer, Babylon,
          Assyrians, Persia, Etruscans, Phoenicians, Carthage, the Aztecs/Maya/Toltec, and the Incas. (By group negotiation these by
          be amended in favour of, Troy, the Sea Peoples, Scythians, Cycladic civilisation, Celti-Iberians, etc.)
            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4004Y19S2     Fri     28/2/2020    09:45-11:45   14      Southchurch    £166      £133    £67

          Early 19th Century Britain
          This course looks at a key period of change in British history. From the ending of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, to the passing of the
          Second Reform Act in 1867.  Was Britain unprepared for peace? How close to revolution did Britain come in this period? Why was the
          Whig period, one of great Social Reform? What caused the political elite to pass two major parliamentary reform measures? Was this
          the beginning of the ‘Nanny State’?

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4000Y19B1     Mon     20/4/2020    12:30-14:30   10      Belfairs       £124      £99     £50

          Myths & Legends in British History
          Explore over 10 weeks the myths ingrained in British culture who was Queen Boudicca King Arthur, Alfred the Great, Bad King
          John, Robin Hood, Jack the Ripper and many whose names still cast shadows throughout our collective history.

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4000Y19S1     Tue     1/10/2019    19:30-21:30   10      Southchurch    £124      £99     £50

          Late Victorian & Edwardian Britain
          What was ‘Gladstonian Liberalism’ and ‘Tory Democracy’? Were the British ‘reluctant imperialists’? What was ‘The Strange
          Death of Liberal England’? Were the Suffragettes heroes or terrorists?
            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4000Y19S2     Wed     15/01/2020   19:30-21:30   10      Southchurch    £124      £99     £50

          The Civil Wars & East Anglia c.1625-1660
          Explore how the English fought each other, beheaded a King and started the creation of modern armies, and how it all
          happened in East Anglia.
            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4000Y19S3     Wed     22/04/2020   19:30-21:30   10      Southchurch    £124      £99     £50

          Do we need a House of Lords?
          Is the House of Lords undemocratic? The Sun newspaper believes that the Lords should be abolished if they try to block
          Brexit. Is it time to retire them?
            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4000Y19S4     Sat     19/10/2019   10:00-12:00   1       Southchurch    £20       £16     £8
          What are British Values?
          You’ve probably heard of Victorian Values but are there a set of British Values today? Do the British all hold the same values?
          Is there something unique about British Values? Do such values change over time?

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4000Y19S5     Sat     16/11/2019   10:00-12:00   1       Southchurch    £20       £16     £8
          Is the Monarchy worth it?
          The Times headline says “Prince of Wale’s flight bill soars above £1 million.” The Express says “Prince Andrew’s helicopter jaunt
          costs you, £3000” Is the Monarchy value for money in the 21st century?

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4000Y19S6     Sat     18/01/2020   10:00-12:00   1       Southchurch    £20       £16     £8

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