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Community Learning  History, Music & Art Appreciation

          We run History courses which enable you to broaden your knowledge in local and national periods, event and characters.
          In the Art and Music Appreciation courses you will gain an insight of upcoming anniversaries, shows and events both locally
          and in major London galleries.

          Art & Cultural Studies
          This course offers an opportunity to critically examine significant works of art from the Renaissance to the present day.
          Artists under consideration to be announced.

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4001Y19B1     Mon     23/9/19      09:30-11:30   14      Belfairs       £166      £133    £67
            4001Y19B2     Mon     24/2/20      09:30-11:30   14      Belfairs       £166      £133    £67
            4001Y19B3     Wed     25/9/19      09:30-11:30   14      Belfairs       £166      £133    £67
            4001Y19B4     Wed     26/2/20      09:30-11:30   14      Belfairs       £166      £133    £67

          Art & Music Studies
          Each session we will explore a topical subject concerning the history of art. It may be related to an anniversary, or to a
          current exhibition in London or other local venue, or to a concert being performed locally. We will examine the historical
          context of the artworks through presentations and group exercise.

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4002Y19S1     Fri     4/10/19      09:45-11:45   14      Southchurch    £166      £133    £67
            4002Y19S2     Fri     28/2/20      09:45-11:45   14      Southchurch    £166      £133    £67

          Music History & Appreciation
          An opportunity to discuss and evaluate the work of composers celebrating anniversaries, together with composers whose
          music is being performed locally.

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4003Y19S1     Fri     4/10/19      12:30-14:30   14      Southchurch    £166      £133    £67
            4003Y19S2     Fri     28/2/20      12:30-14:30   14      Southchurch    £166      £133    £67

          Ancient Egyptian Civilisation
          This course will cover the history and archaeology of Ancient Egypt, including the old, Middle and New Kingdoms, Akhenaten,
          Tutankhamen, Rameses and other great Pharaohs of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties, mummification, the Pyramids,
          Thebes and the Valley of the Kings, and the other major sites. Daily life, habits, dress, economy, religion, and magic will also
          be covered.
            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4004Y19S3     Wed     2/10/2019    19:30-21:30   14      Southchurch    £166      £133    £67
          Egyptian Hieroglyphics
          On this course will cover the basic hieroglyphic alphabet, allowing the you to write your own name, and with the two and
          three consonant signs how to read Pharaohs’ names. You will acquire the skills to draw and transliterate these symbols. The
          course will also cover Logograms, Determinatives and complements, with enough grammar to allow you to independently
          read and translate the typical royal inscriptions and offering formulae found in museums.
            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4004Y19S4     Wed     26/2/2020    19:30-21:30   14      Southchurch    £166      £133    £67

          Essex in the Age of Sail
          This course will cover the Maritime History of Essex focussing on the 17th century, the period of the Anglo-Dutch wars, and the
          recent excavation of the London. It will examine the leading role of the county and its seafarers during this period of great
          nautical, mercantile, and colonial advances. Maritime and Naval History, and Nautical Archaeology will be combined as you
          study the county’s maritime economy, its main centres, Leigh, Harwich, and the Thames Estuary, the types of vessel, with the
          leading personalities involved, and activities that provide Essex with its rich maritime heritage. When appropriate the course
          will extend beyond the shores of Essex, where vessels, the Dutch, and the East India companies, and colonisation have a
          bearing on the subject.

            CODE          DAY     DATE         TIME          WEEKS   CENTRE         PRICE
            4005Y19S1     Tue     25/2/2020    16:00-18:00   14      Southchurch    £166      £133    £67

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