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          Family Learning courses are a great way for you and your child to learn new things alongside each other.
          We all learn in different ways and our courses aim to bring you together in a shared experience where you’ll
          gain new skills and enjoy the process. It’s fun and all will get a great sense of achievement out of the project in
          hand. Often there is something to take away and cherish afterwards.
          Our courses aim to give you a better understanding of how children learn, so you can support
          them in their future learning. Any adult with a child in their care is welcome; mums, dads,
          grandparents, carers and friends.

          We offer Stitch for Fun, Creative Writing, Family Tales, Spanish, Textures in Clay, Art &
          Ceramics, Make a Bird House, Mother’s and Father’s Day Gifts… and many more.

          Check out our Family Learning courses by scanning the QR code.
          We look forward to welcoming you to the home of learning.

           Spaces for Hire!                                                      Printables and Non
                                                                                 Digital Resources
           Southend Adult Community College has a large number of rooms          We offer a wide selection of free
           and specialist areas available to hire, designed to provide the       brochures and printed information
           best environment to meet the needs and requirements of our local      regarding all the courses we offer, as
           community and customers.                                              well as leaflets and guides to college
                                                                                 life and learner services. We are
           Our site is open 7 days a week and can cater for small and large groups. We have   happy to provide printed brochures
           a range of spaces available such as, our Main Hall, various classrooms and our art   with course listing and information,
           rooms, that include equipment such as pottery wheels and kilns. We also have a self-  as well as non-digital resources and
           contained building; The Best Centre, that is perfect for large events or meetings.  guides upon request.
              ⊲ Reduced rates for local community groups
              ⊲ Close to public transport                                        Z  If you need printed
              ⊲ Free on-site car parking                                            information regarding
              ⊲ Great facilities                                                    courses at the college,
                                                                                    contact our Learner
           To find out more email                                                   Services team,
                                                 call 01702 445700.
           or call 01702 445700

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