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Course Fees and Funding

          Fees and funding                                    Instalments
                                                              If you will fi nd it diffi cult to pay your fee in one amount, it is

          for your course                                     possible to pay by instalments. There is a £10 non-refundable
                                                              arrangement fee for each instalment plan.

          Many courses are free - for example:
                                                              Advanced learning loans
             ⊲ Maths, English, Essential Digital Skills
             ⊲ Your fi rst level 3 qualifi cation             These are available for some courses at level 3 or above.
             ⊲ Courses to help you get work if you are unemployed or on a   Please enquire for more information
            low wage
             ⊲ If you are receiving JSA or ESA (WRAG)         I need to cancel my enrolment
             ⊲ Some courses to help with your wellbeing.
                                                              You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period, from the date of

          If fi nance is a barrier to your learning, talk to us confi dentially to   booking your course, where you can have a full refund of fees
          see if we can help.                                 (including any registration fees). After this period, you can have
                                                              a full refund of your tuition fees, minus the registration fee per
          There are four levels of fees available for most courses. These
          symbols show the price of the course                course (the registration fee is dependent on the course fee
                                                              paid) provided we are notifi ed before your second lesson of the
             STANDARD - Full Fee                              course (for courses of a duration of more than fi ve weeks).
          ●  65+ - Available on some courses to learners over 65 and not
            in full time employment
          ▲  BENEFITS - Available if you are in receipt of an income-
            based benefi t
          ■  CONCESSION - Available at a reduced rate if you are a
            student, in receipt of benefi ts or over 65+

          How do I pay the reduced/                                            FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF

          concessionary fee?                                                   CREATIVE WRITING BEGINNERS:
          You will need to provide an original document dated within          “A brochure came
          the last 6 months as evidence that you are receiving Universal       through my door for
          Credit or an income-based state benefi t. If you receive an          adult learning. Out of
          income-based benefi t that is not included in this list, please      curiosity I started to look
          contact the College, as you may still be eligible.
                                                                               for courses, obviously
             ⊲ JSA or ESA (WRAG)                                               things that I could do
             ⊲ Working Tax Credits
             ⊲ Disability Living Allowance                                     with my hands, but this
             ⊲ Housing Benefi t                                                course jumped out at
             ⊲ Carers Allowance                                                me. Whilst having a
             ⊲ Universal Credit                                                conversation with my
             ⊲ Council Tax Benefi t
             ⊲ Incapacity Benefi t                                             children, I said it was
             ⊲ Guaranteed Pension Credit                                       something I thought
                                                                               I might like to do. My
                                                                               birthday was coming up
                                                                               so they said they would

          Contact us for help and information                                  buy it for me as a gift.”
          on 01702 445700 or email                                             LYNDA SCANLON

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