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Give yourself a digital boost of confidence

          Get skilled, be prepared, join the digital workforce.

          Did you know?

          ⊲  80% of workplaces require basic digital skills                             Free Course
          ⊲  Roles requiring digital skills pay 29% over other jobs.                     Fully Funded
          Digital skills are a key employability tool needed for work today. The majority of    for Southend
          businesses require people with these skills to support the development of products    Residents
          and services. Boost your practical computing skills and gain an accredited qualification.

          If you want to boost your confidence with computers or improve your skills
          to find opportunities for work, this is the course for you.

          To enrol on the Essential Digital Skills course you will need to book a Pre-Course Assessment where
          we can determine the right course for you.  Book your appointment today. Call 01702 445700

          Your Learning Journey

          Starting a college course may seem daunting for various reasons, but at Southend
          Adult Community College you will be inspired by the warmth and charm of our
          centres and our dedicated team, where a sense of community thrives. Individuals
          from all backgrounds and ages are part of our learning community. Our diversity
          exposes us to different experiences and opinions that help our learners grow.

          Your Safety                                         Your Learning
          Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have made changes   We currently offer 3 types of course:
          across all our sites to offer a safe space for our community         In Person
          whilst adhering to the current Government guidelines. These
          changes will remain under constant review to give our learners         Online
          safe access to classroom-based learning to compliment the        Blended
          virtual learning we offer.                          In-Person learning is classroom based and organised into small
                     To protect learners and staff and slow the spread   groups. All our classrooms are adapted and adhere to social
                     of COVID-19, it is recommended that face masks   distancing guidelines. Classroom sessions are an opportunity
                      be worn in college when walking through public   to complete any outstanding work, liaise with staff and get the
                     areas. This requirement applies in hallways,   support you need. Your learning will take place in one room
                    classrooms and the café area. Please keep in   with one tutor throughout your session at the College. There will
                 mind to exercise physical distancing and hygiene   be no shared computer use.
          guidelines whilst at College.                       We also offer Online and Blended Courses – a mixture of
                                                              both Online and In-Person learning. To participate in these
          Your Experience                                     classes you will need an email address, a reliable internet
                                                              connection, and a computer/ laptop/tablet with a fully updated
          The College, has undertaken risk assessments and changes   browser (preferably Google Chrome). Your device will need a
          have been made to all our locations. To familiarise you with   microphone and preferably a camera.
          the adaptations and changes we have in place, a learner
          induction, highlighting the importance of following Government
          recommendations whilst in and around the College, will form
          part your first classroom session.

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