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Transferable Skillss
          T   ra     n    s   f  e   ra      b    l e    S    k    i ll

          When you decide to attend a course at SACC, not only will you learn the skills
          relevant to your subject, but you will build and develop other skills that will help you
          with aspects of your daily and working life. Sometimes you don’t even know you are
          learning them. We call these soft skills and transferable skills and they are really
          important. These could include things like:

                        Presentation skills                     Concentration and Focus
                        When you talk about your work.          Sometimes what you are learning will

                                                                be diffi cult / challenging and you will
                                                                need to work at it. These situations will
                                                                help you develop your focus and how
                                                                long you can concentrate for.
            Critical thinking skills
            This is about knowing what you like and what
            you don’t like and why you think like that.

                   Self Confidence                              Resilience
                   When you answer questions or you voice an    We learn a lot from getting things wrong and it’s
                   opinion, this will increase the more you do it.  how we change and adapt that is really important.

            Motivation/Aspiration             Time management                    Communication
            When things are                   You will need to come to your class   On all courses you will be asked to
            hard, what keeps                                     on time but     communicate ideas, answers and
            you going?                                           you may         demonstrate
            How do you                                           also have       what you have
            overcome it?                                         to work to      achieved
                                                                 deadlines or    in lots of
            What is possible

            for you to achieve?                                  time scales.    different ways.

                           Digital skills On most of our courses you use   English skills
                           some digital skills. Don’t worry though, the college   Including: presentation skills,
                           has people that can help you if you are unsure.  communication, reading, writing.

                              Maths skills
                              You use maths every day more than you              There are lots of other
                              think. It’s very likely you will need to use some     things you will gain
                              maths skills during your course, whether this is
                              measuring, timetables, reading charts/graphs,         like making friends,
                              analysing data, problem solving or estimating.    improving your health
                              Our tutors will support you in any areas you
                              are less confi dent.                                         and wellbeing.

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