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How We Support You
    General Information  The College learner agreement summarises your rights   Additional Learning Support is available for learners that

                                                                 ADDITIONAL LEARNING SUPPORT - SPECIALIST
                                                                 RESOURCES AND EQUIPMENT
          and responsibilities as a learner and our commitment
          to your learning. The College is committed to supporting
                                                                their course. The Additional Learning Support Team
          every person in Southend to further their learning
                                                                provides support to enable learners to learn successfully
          through a vibrant and innovative adult education      may require additional support in order to complete
          service. For more information visit our website.      and to progress.

                                                                The Additional Learning Support Team:
           TREATING YOU FAIRLY                                  •  Offers advice and can assess the level of support
                                                                 you require
          We are committed to ensuring equality for all current
                                                                •  Arranges for specialist equipment, support and
          and potential learners irrespective of any disability, age,
                                                                 resources to be available for your needs
          race, gender, special educational needs, religion, sexual
          orientation, or marital status.                       •  Supports the tutor in applying for special
                                                                 arrangements to be made for exams
          We strive to be a disability friendly college. We are fully
          committed to ensuring that people with disabilities or   •  Co-ordinates the provision of support inside and
          impairments, including those with learning difficulties or   outside the classroom
          disabilities are treated fairly.
                                                                •  Liaises with other tutors and staff to ensure your
          We believe that everyone should be able to work and    learning needs are met
          learn in an environment that is free from harassment   For further information visit our website or contact the
          and bullying and will not tolerate such behaviour.    Additional Learning Support Manager on 01702 445703
                                                                or email
                                                                 HELP WITH LEARNING AND WORK -
          The College has a responsibility for safeguarding
                                                                 INFORMATION ADVICE AND GUIDANCE
          all our learners and operates robust policies on
          safeguarding, child protection, health and safety to
                                                                As a college we offer or can sign post you to free and
          ensure that all people that use our buildings and
                                                                impartial information, advice and guidance on learning
          services are kept safe from all forms of harm.
                                                                and entering work. This will help you in choosing suitable
          We embrace a ‘whole college approach’ to safeguarding,   education or training, identify the skills you need to get
          ensuring that our safeguarding team are trained       back to work or help you to progress in your chosen
          and are kept up to date with changes in legislation    career. We can also help with advice on how to fund
          and practice. Printed copies of our policies are      your studies, childcare information, job applications and
          available on request.                                 putting together a new CV (through our job hub).
                                                                     There are some courses requiring a pre-course
          What does safeguarding mean for you:
                                                                     assessment to identify if the course you are
          •  The promotion of well-being and taking your views,      interested in, is the right level for you. These are
           wishes, feelings and beliefs into account                 marked in the brochure with this icon.
          •  Ensure you can learn safely - free from harm, bullying
           and harassment                                        HELP WITH CHILDCARE

          •  Ensuring that you understand how to keep yourself safe
                                                                Don’t let childcare issues stop you getting back into
          •  Ensuring that you know what to do if you are worried   education. Our College is an inclusive child-friendly
           about yourself or someone you know.                  space, childcare funding is available to you if you are
                                                                completing an eligible course and your circumstances
          •  Prevent the risk of harm from abuse, neglect,
                                                                meet certain criteria. We can also help you find local
           maltreatment or exploitation
                                                                Ofsted registered childcare providers for your children
                                                                aged from 3 months to 11 years. There are several local
                                                                childcare providers near our Southchurch Centre. Speak
            For more information about                          to our Registry team for more information.
            our Learner Services visit                          Note: Please call the nursery directly before enrolling
                              to ensure there is a vacancy for your child and to
                                                                discuss start dates and settle-in sessions.

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