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Your Virtual Learning Environment

           Easy online enrolment, virtual lessons, meetings and all                                                  General Information
           the support you need – so let’s keep learning!

           Our online courses can help you take back control, so you can
           gain that skill you’ve always dreamed about – we offer online,
           classroom and other learning options. You can develop your
           skills or career prospects at your own pace.
           Southend Adult Community College has a
           centrally-supported virtual learning environment.
           We use Moodle, Microsoft Teams and EdModo
           as well as a variety of web-based resources to
           enhance our online courses, in- person classroom
           delivery, and the blended learning programmes
           that take place at our centres. If you need support
           getting to grips with the online resources we use for
           your learning, we are here to help.

         Your College

          Southend Adult Community College has three sites, the Westcliff Centre for people with learning disabilities and difficulties,
          Belfairs Centre in Leigh on Sea and our main Southchurch Centre. Every effort has been made to make all facilities as safe
          and accessible as possible to all members of our community with step-free access and lifts in all our centres.

                                                Please be aware of the many safety
          Our sites are all served by nearby
                                                measures that have been put in place
          bus services, our main centre in
          Southchurch is 100 yards from         throughout the College building:
          Southend East C2C station. You can
          also save money on your journey
          with C2C. Many transport providers             Hand Wash Stations – Throughout the College, new hand
          in the local area offer student                wash stations are provided. Hand washing stations are a
          discounts, contact your local                  fantastic way to practice safe hand hygiene and reduce the risk
          transport provider directly to find            and spread of Covid-19.
          out what is available to you. We
                                                         Room Signs – All our classrooms have external signs
          have free bike shelters and limited
                                               MAX       indicating the maximum number of learners per room. This is
          car parking at Southchurch and                 to help learners and staff maintain Government guidelines on
          Belfairs centres.
                                                         social distancing.
                                                         New Access Entry System – A new ID access Entry System
          The Main Course Café
                                                         is in place at Southchurch Centre. Learners and Staff will need
          The Main Course café based at our              to be assigned an ID card to access permitted areas around
          Southchurch Centre offers freshly              the College. The ID card works with proximity card reader
          prepared sandwiches, soups,                    panels located around the building. As a registered Learner you
          salads and main meals that can be              may be required to produce your Identity Card or to confirm
          ordered to take away. Seating in the           your identity when asked to do so by a member of staff.
          Cafe adheres to social distancing
                                                         One Way System – A one way system is in place
          and Government guidelines.
                                                         throughout the building at Southchurch Centre the East and
          Refreshments can be brought into
                                                         West stairway will be used for one direction of travel only, either
          the classroom if needed.
                                                         up to the first floor or to travel down stairs to the ground floor
                                                         and out of the building.
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