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Course Fees & Funding
    General Information  The fee/price payable is listed against each course or is       Gift vouchers now
                                                                                          Give the Gift
                                                                                          of Learning!

                                                                                           available for a
         available by contacting The College.
         If you are 19 or over and are planning to study for                               range of short
         a qualification at Levels 3 to 6 you may qualify for
         an Advanced Learner Loan. These loans help to pay
         your fees. If finance is a barrier to your learning, talk to
         us confidentially to see if we can help.
                                                                 ARE YOU ON A LOW INCOME?
         There are three levels of fees available for most courses.
         These symbols show the price of the course listed:    If you earn less than £17,004 gross salary per annum,
                                                               or if this is your first Level 2, you may be entitled to the
            STANDARD - Full Fee                                course for FREE. Please contact The College for
                                                               further information.
              65+ - Available on some courses to learners over 65
            and not in full time employment
                                                                 I HAVE DIFFICULTY IN FINDING THE FEE
             BENEFITS - Available if you are in receipt of an
            income-based benefit                               We do not wish to exclude anyone who is not in receipt
                                                               of an active state benefit or cannot afford the fees as
             CONCESSION - Available at a reduced rate if you   they are on a low income. You will be able to apply to
            are a student, in receipt of benefits or over 65+.   the College’s Access or Hardship Fund for partial or full
            Applies to courses only where you see this symbol  exemption on the grounds of financial hardship to assist
                                                               with course fees, examination fees and nursery fees.

           CONCESSIONARY FEE?                                    INSTALMENTS

         You will need to provide evidence that you are receiving   If you will find it difficult to pay your fee in one amount, it
         Universal Credit or an income-based state benefit. You   is possible to pay by instalments.
         will only need to submit one of these as proof of evidence   There is a £10 non-refundable arrangement fee for each
         dated within the last 6 months please provide your    instalment plan.
         original complete document with all pages included.
         If you receive, an income-based benefit that is not     I AM IN FULL-TIME EDUCATION AT ANOTHER
         included in this list, please contact the College, as you   SCHOOL OR COLLEGE; WILL I HAVE TO PAY THE
                                                                 COURSE FEE?
         may still be eligible.
         •  Job Seekers Allowance                              You will need to pay the full cost recovery fee for the
         •  Employment Support Allowance                       course of your choice as you are already receiving
                                                               funding from the ESFA for your full-time course. Please
         •  Housing Benefit
                                                               ask for details of the fees.
         •  Council Tax Benefit
         •  Incapacity Benefit
                                                                 I NEED TO CANCEL MY ENROLMENT
         •   Disability Living Allowance
         •   Carers Allowance                                  You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period, from the
         •   Working Tax Credits (income limits apply)         date of booking your course, where you can have a full
                                                               refund of fees (including any registration fees). After this
         •   Universal Credit
                                                               period, you can have a full refund of your tuition fees,
         •   Guaranteed Pension Credit                         minus the registration fee per course (the registration
                                                               fee is dependent on the course fee paid) provided we
                                                               are notified before your second lesson of the course
           FREE COURSES
                                                               (for courses of a duration of more than five weeks).
          If you wish to take a course that leads to a qualification
          at level 1 and 2 and you are in receipt of either JSA or ESA
          (WRAG) your fees will be waived.
                                                                  Contact us for help and information
          You must provide a letter dated within six months from
                                                                  on 01702 445700 or email
          Job Centre Plus confirming receipt of benefit with your
          Enrolment Form.
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