As a School Leaver, you and your career aspirations are at the centre of everything we do. Our Study Programme provides a wide range of learning and enrichment experiences to ensure you have a fulfilling and successful time with us. As an Ofsted rated ‘Good’ provider, we believe our role is to prepare you with the start to your future career. Our wide range of study programme subjects will help you achieve your future potential.

What is a Study Programme?

A Study Programme is a full time programme of learning designed to develop a rounded set of skills to prepare young adults for further education, an Apprenticeship or employment. Attendance is a minimum of 3 days per week and aims to develop vital skills around communication, attitude, and employability as well as a chosen vocational qualification. A placement with a local employer to acquire real experience of the workplace is arranged to develop employability.

Our Study Programme is made up of FIVE elements and personalised to your specific needs:

1/ Your Chosen Subject

These courses are ideal for learners who have a flair for the subject and the ability to work hard and learn new skills. You will learn and develop the skills and vocational knowledge to give you the confidence to progress to Level 2 Vocational qualifications and employment

2/ English, math and ICT

English, maths and ICT qualifications are essential, with many higher education institutions and employers demanding a high level of understanding in these subjects. Our aim is to ensure that you leave college having achieved the best level in English and maths. Classes are timetabled to fit in with your main study programme and you will be in a group that is at the right level for you, based on your prior experience and grades.

3/ Work Experience – Employability 

All study programmes will include work related activities including guest speakers from various industry sectors and external work experience. Such activities are designed to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. The aim is to help you become more ‘work-ready’ and employable and to help you make informed choices about your career or next steps.  We will work with you to build specific occupational skills and to develop broader, transferrable skills, attitudes and behaviours that will be valued by employers.

4 /Enrichment Activities

Southend Adult Community College is committed to providing opportunities for broadening our learners’ educational experience and producing well-rounded individuals who are prepared for life and work. All Study Programmes offer the opportunity to get involved in a wide-range of activities from organised trips and tours, voluntary work, community projects all which are highly valued by employers and make you stand out from the crowd.

5/ We treat you as an individual

At SACC we treat our learners as an individual, with the respect and consideration they need. Our learners feel safe whilst at college, enjoying all the facilities with half the class sizes. Ofsted states ‘our learners value and benefit from in-class support. Learners are enthusiastic and make good progress’.

In addition the Study Programme offers:

  • Pastoral Care A SACC Progress Tutor will be assigned to you and will look after you throughout your time with us.
  • Additional Learning Support  We have a team of experienced learning support assistants who provide a range of support for specific learning difficulties.
  • Careers Advice – Our team of experienced advisors provide CV workshops and individual career planning.
  • Learner Progress – You can stay up to date on your progress with the opportunity to meet course tutors at termly meetings.

Ask to speak to our Study Programme Manager for more details on 01702 445700.

Download the Study Programme & Apprenticeship Brochure click here