Our Apprenticeships are an opportunity to combine paid work with part time study. We forge hundreds of links with local businesses each year and have partnerships with large and small employers across all industry sectors including:

  • Southend Borough Council
  • Southend High School for Girls
  • Estuary Housing
  • Gratte Brothers
  • Chase High School
  • DP World
  • Southend Care
  • Hood Group 

We will support you to complete your application and help you prepare for your Apprenticeship interviews. We work closely with your employer to make sure we give you the training and skills you need to be successful at work. Every apprentice has an experienced assessor who is there to support you in every aspect of your apprenticeship and help you achieve your goals.
Every apprentice must have at least 20% of their working week spent on ‘off the job training’, developing the skills needed for their job. You will have an individual timetable to make sure you complete all your qualifications on time.

What are the benefits for me?

  • Earn while you learn
    The average weekly wage for an apprentice is £200, but many employers pay more than this.
  • Get paid holiday You’ll get at least 20 days paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays.
  • No student loan & no debt
  • Large range of Apprenticeships to choose from
  • Learn at a pace suited to you
    We offer all the support you need.
  • Get training in the skills employers want and need
  • We support you finding a job
  • Become a valuable asset to any employer
  • Increase your earning potential
    Many apprentices benefit from a substantial increase in salary on completion of their Apprenticeship.
  • Progress within your job or continue studying
    Apprenticeships are available up to degree level and higher.

Contact us at: apprenticeships@southend-adult.ac.uk