Our apprenticeship programmes enable you to learn the skills and gain the knowledge needed for your chosen profession, whilst working and earning a wage at the same time. Each apprenticeship is different: we support employers to advertise different roles with us depending on what the needs of their business are. However, while job titles are different, your apprenticeship will still follow a tailored programme, written with the help of industry experts, to ensure that you receive a quality experience and achieve your qualification.

The list of apprenticeships we offer at Southend Adult Community College acts as a guide to some of the apprenticeship programmes we offer here.

Apprenticeships are available from 16 years old and are set according to your academic attainment at several levels, with the highest being equivalent to university-level qualifications. While each apprentice carries out a different job, all apprenticeships have something in common: you earn a qualification (and a wage) while being employed in your chosen industry.

To apply for an apprenticeship with us, or to advertise your apprenticeship vacancy contact our apprenticeship team: apprenticeships@southend-adult.ac.uk