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Mary Burry
Celebrating Achievement 2014-15 Volunteer of the Year

Mary has been a volunteer at the college for 14 years. She regularly supports learners mandated by the Job Centre to a Job Readiness course, and also offers ‘emergency cover’ to other sessions. Mary is 100% reliable; committed and flexible. She accepts creative approaches in the classroom and her empathetic manner and broad skill set enable her to work with tutors and turn the most disaffected learner around to have a frame of mind to acquire the skills needed to make progress and often to gain employment. 
Nominated by Sarah Holmes


Lisa Pearce
Celebrating Achievement 2014-15 Staff Innovation & Excellence - Non Teaching

Over the last year Lisa has been instrumental in driving a revamp of the College’s external image. Lisa has worked hard at creating a whole new ‘look’ for the College which has transformed the marketing and promotional materials, including the website and the main brochure, as well as the individual programme brochures.

Because of Lisa’s ingenuity the administration teams can now add information to templates which means the appearance of the marketing materials is maintained throughout. This has been a very effective way of doing things differently in a time of reduced staffing capacity. Everyone is agreed that the new image is a success, giving the College a bright, modern and attractive feel whilst still appealing to our diverse market.
Nominated by Anne Horn


Jenny Honey
Celebrating Achievement 2014-15 Staff Innovation & Excellence - Teaching

Jenny has won this award for her exemplary work this year as well as the impact she has had on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in the counselling team.

Although only in her first year at the College, Jenny undertook the task of writing the new level 4 programme - a huge task - and worked incredibly hard to prepare and mark huge quantities of learners’ work. Jenny has provided stability across a changing counselling team, has demonstrated high ethical standards of practice, and has been an excellent role model for learners studying to become counsellors. She has shown professionalism in her teaching role and maintained her personal kindness particularly when difficult conversations have been necessary. Jenny has been a fantastic member of the team who truly deserves the award.
Nominated by Anne Horn


Early Years
Celebrating Achievement 2014-15 Team of the Year

The Early Years team came out with a glowing report when the College was inspected by Ofsted in October 2014. 

This is what the inspectors said: "Teaching, learning and assessment are outstanding, as reflected by the success, retention and attendance rates, which are exceptionally high. The excellent skills development and professionalism of learners have contributed well to the quality of pre-school provision in the Borough of Southend-on-Sea".

This recognition by Ofsted alone makes the Early Years Team a deserving winner of this award, but that’s not all. The way the team work together is highly effective: resources are designed and shared (some of them very creatively by hand); and there is great camaraderie particularly in the conversations around how to improve lessons and in the support for each other when things don’t go as planned. The team make it a fun and happy place to work.

Each and every member of the team has made an outstanding contribution. Their manager has said: "I am very proud of them and all their achievements. I love working with them, their enthusiasm for teaching inspires me and I feel as a team they are really something special"
Nominated by Anne Horn


Linda Nash
Celebrating Achievement 2014-15 Principal's Award for Outstanding Contribution

This is a new category for the Celebrating Achievement Awards event for this year. This award is chosen by the Principal in recognition of a colleague who has made an outstanding contribution to the success of the College over a sustained period of time.

Linda is a deserving winner of this award because of her skills and abilities to oversee the wide range of learner support teams that are crucial in helping the college to run smoothly and effortlessly each year. These are the teams that provide the first point of contact for welcoming new and returning learners into the College and making sure they receive the best possible experience whilst with us.

Not only that, Linda’s unique role has led her to develop specialist knowledge and skills in navigating a complex funding system with an inordinate amount of funding rules. Linda has worked tirelessly and without complaint on a difficult and challenging funding database; and in doing so she has played a key role in ensuring the continuation of the College’s financial viability.
Nominated by Stephen Lay