NEWS: May 2015 Travel Week

11th - 15th May 2015
ePortfolio Enabled

This is the chance for SACC students and staff to learn more about sustainable approaches to travel, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the reliance on cars as a form of transport to college.

The age old myth that being sustainable means reducing your quality of life is simply not true! Many aspects of ‘being green’ will save you money, keep you fit and open you up to new experiences.

One of the main actions was asking staff and students to pledge to do something different (travel wise) for the week.   It could be walking to work, using the bus, sharing a car or cycling.  Anything that reduces the use of cars. 

In addition there will be two free Cycle maintenance workshops.  All pledges will be entered for a prize draw at the end of the week and there will be spot prizes for cyclists. 

The College wants to double the number of cycles in the college cycle rack each day.