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Southend Adult Community College (SACC) is a language for business provider and our courses are tailored to suit your particular needs.

SACC offers courses in a wide range of languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Urdu.

The CBI Education and Skills Survey 2009 shows that “UK firms place a premium on staff who can communicate in a foreign language and who can show an understanding of different cultures and business environments. In a recent local survey 21% of businesses surveyed felt that there is a real shortage of language skills available in the town.

But only 5% of the businesses surveyed exported their goods to foreign markets. All our Language for Business courses combines language learning and understanding of culture and business etiquette.

Courses can be tailored specifically to suit individual business needs. Customers are fully involved in the course design and quality assurance. Courses can be held at our establishment or at customer's own business premises.

Our Modern Languages for Business courses will build your employees confidence in the language they learn and the cultural awareness they gain. All of our language courses can be arranged for groups of employees at your business premises during or outside of working hours.

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