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Vocational Training
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My employees are all qualified to do their jobs, why do they need training?

Experienced staff may benefit from a refresher and there are always new technologies and ideas, which may help them refine their skills further. Training is a great way for your staff to keep up to date with the latest developments affecting your industry and they may discover new ways to improve your company’s profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction. You may also need to update staff on mandatory training like first aid and health and safety to maintain your legal obligations.


How much will I have to pay to train my employees?

The cost will depend on the training required, if an accredited qualification is required, where the training will take place and how long it will last. We will help you source the most cost effective training solution to meet your needs and where appropriate will advise you on and provide access to funding, subject to eligibility.


What experience do you have of delivering training for businesses?

We have been delivering training for a wide range of organisations from all industries.


How successful are you in helping employees to achieve their qualifications?

We are committed to ensuring that your employees successfully achieve the qualifications they are aiming for. This is reflected in our success rates which are monitored regularly.


Do my employees have to attend College?

We aim to offer completely flexible training solutions. We do offer training in-college however, where practical, we can deliver in the workplace subject to sufficient numbers. For workplace assessed vocational qualifications, assessors will visit employees in the workplace. Employees may need to undertake theory sessions to support their achievement of the qualification; however we will work with you to minimise disruption to work schedules. For apprenticeships, your apprentice will usually spend one day a week in college.


We have an in-house training programme, why do we need someone else to deliver training?

We have qualified trainers and assessors who have experience of working in a wide variety of industries. We can provide training in the latest developments affecting your industry. We can offer accredited qualifications and we are recognised as an approved training centre by many professional bodies. We work closely with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and can provide access to funding, which can support you with the cost of training.


What are the benefits to me as an employer?

There are a wide number of ways that training can help your business. It can help you address specific issues which are affecting performance and productivity. We can also offer development opportunities which give your employees opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge, improving motivation and reducing staff turnover and the associated recruitment costs. In addition we can help with accredited training which you may need to help you meet you legislative requirements in areas such as health and safety.


Will it be difficult to organise the training?

If you would like to book a place on one of our short, open courses that take place in college, we can book provisional places over the telephone (subject to availability). On receipt of a completed booking form we will send confirmation. If you are interested in bespoke training, workplace assessed qualifications or need more information on what is available the first step is for us to arrange to visit you to carry out a training needs analysis. This will enable us to work with you to identify what training would best suit your needs. We will arrange a suitable programme and, where appropriate, for an assessor to visit complete the sign up progress.


For workplace assessed programmes, how will assessor visits impact upon our work?

We aim to ensure that there is minimal interruption to your work. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate times for assessment. The assessor will arrange their visits with you and your employees. Whilst on site they will observe the employees carrying out their work tasks. The assessor will need to spend time with each employee after their observation to discuss feedback.


Will I be kept informed about achievement and progress?

For short courses, we will advise you of achievement. For workplace assessed vocational qualifications the assessor will keep you updated with progress. We will contact you at regular intervals to ensure that you are happy with how the training is progressing.


If you are interested in training your staff, please contact 01702 445736 or email businessinfo@southend-adult.ac.uk