EVENT February 2015 Time to Talk Day

College supports national event
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On Thursday 5th February, Southend Adult Community College’s learners and staff held an event to mark Time to Talk Day.

Time to Talk Day has been launched by mental health anti-stigma campaign Time to Change, whose latest survey has revealed that nearly 60% of people with mental health problems wait over a year to tell the people closest to them about it.

The event provided learners with information from MIND and Rethink and encouraged them to take 5 minutes out of their day to talk about mental health and help bring it out of the shadows.

Jennifer Barnes who organised the College’s event said “We have had a fantastic response today with so many people coming over to the stall to ask questions, pick up free resources and have a cup of tea and coffee. Unsurprisingly, we found that everyone who came either knew someone or was someone who had experienced a mental health condition. It can happen to anyone and today’s message was ‘You don't need to be an expert about mental health’.

Sometimes, just doing the little things, like asking someone how they are, is all it takes to let someone know you're still thinking about them and make a big difference to how they're feeling. If your friend had a broken leg, or he or she had just come out of hospital after an operation, you probably wouldn't think twice about asking how they were. I believe that today’s event brought everyone in the college café a little closer to openly talking about mental health and the importance looking after ourselves and each other. Thank you to everyone who supported this event.'

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