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Apprenticeship Case Studies - what employers had to say
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Business and Administration Intermediate Apprentice Employer

“Dan commenced a Intermediate Business and Administration framework in March. Initially Dan moved around Support Services spending a few months in each of the service areas. This identified his strengths and which areas he was interested in. To finish the first year Dan was placed with the People and Organisational Development team. It was clear that Dan found this an interesting area of work, and supported the team in challenging times. Dan is keen to develop and, as he approaches the end of his second year in March next year, we will be supporting and encouraging him to secure his next steps in his career development”. Jan Richardson - Southend Borough Council.

Business and Administration Higher Apprentice Employer

"Our apprentice has brought a new dimension to our team; she is willing to learn, enthusiastic and full of potential. Her training at Southend Adult Community College has been to the very highest standards. We have been so impressed with her that we have continued to support her to obtain her Higher Business Administration Apprenticeship." Jenni Naish - Children's Partnership Manager Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

Business and Administration Advanced Apprentice Employer

“Planet Leasing have found the apprenticeship programme hugely rewarding as an aid to the growth of the business. We are currently recruiting for two more apprentices as they have now become an indispensable part of the team”. Darren Nash - Planet Leasing.

Customer Service Intermediate Apprentice Employer

"Michelle was one of the college’s first apprentices to commence a Intermediate Customer Service Apprenticeship framework. Michelle also needed to take Functional Skills in English and Maths. When Michelle started with the college she was very quiet and shy. We have seen a huge change in Michelle during her time here; she has become more confident, happy and vocal. Her understanding and ability to learn new tasks is a key strength that has enabled her to shine within her role. From talking with Michelle it is evident she enjoys her apprenticeship and the new skills she has learnt." Matthew Uphill - Southend Adult Community College.

Customer Service Advanced Apprentice Employer

"South Essex Homes is a community focused organisation that takes great pride in providing career opportunities for young people. This apprenticeship will develop into a role that will contribute towards sustainability in the housing stock. as well as providing advice to residents on energy efficiency within their homes. We welcome Adam to the company and are sure that his developing knowledge together with support from the rest of the organisation, will have a positive impact in improving residents’ lives”. Paul Longman - South Essex Homes.

Children and Young People's Workforce Intermediate Apprentice Employer

"My apprentice has been a real credit to the organisation. She is dedicated and hardworking. I have been very impressed with her knowledge. She brings a whole new vibrant element to the team." Lisa Pearce - Southend Adult Community College.

Children and Young People's Workforce Advanced Apprentice Employer

“Debbie worked so hard and should be very proud of her achievements. She is now certainly capable of achieving bigger and better things in the future.” Helen Black, Tutor - Southend Adult Community College.

Health and Social Care Intermediate Apprentice Employer

"Vicky is getting on really well. She's willing to try anything we ask, she puts herself forward for extra tasks and responsibilities. She is leading on a session under supervision and learning more every day. having an apprentice has really helped the organisation”. Jean Jarvis - Westcliff Centre Manager.

Horticulture Intermediate Apprentice Employer

"We are firmly committed to training our staff, and the Intermediate Apprenticeship scheme has provided us with a way to give young people an opportunity to fulfil their potential. We are delighted with the success our Apprentices have achieved and as an organisation we have benefitted from their improved knowledge and skills. We would recommend all employers in the Horticulture sector to consider apprenticeships as a route to building the skills base of their employees." Graham Owen - Southend Borough Council Parks Department

Horticulture Advanced Apprentice Employer

"It has been refreshing to have a younger employee who is not only keen to learn, but doesn't need to be shown twice. This doesn't mean that he has a problem asking questions if he doesn't completely understand a task. In our business we encounter customers of all walks of life, who can be very particular regarding people on their property and how work is undertaken to what can be their pride and joy. It is imperative that staff conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, however difficult or unreasonable the job or client. To this end I can honestly say that Sam was an ambassador for the company, displaying patience and understanding in all situations.” Rick Davis - Mown and Grown.

IT Professional Intermediate Apprentice Employer

“Jade started as a Level 2 IT Apprentice. From the beginning she has shown the appropriate attitude and aptitude to work in network support. She has demonstrated a mature and responsible approach to her work and she is now trusted to manage the college servers as a result. Her previous experience in customer services combined with her technical abilities work extremely well for her role as a helpdesk operator. Her work ethic is outstanding and she is always willing to go the extra mile. When Jade approaches the end of her level 2 studies we hope to support her to progress further in her career and further learning.” Tuula Pienkuukka - Southend Adult Community College.

IT Professional Advanced Apprentice Employer

"I line manage Sam and another member of staff who are studying at Southend Adult Community College as IT Apprentices. It's extremely rewarding to see my staff develop professionally, both in terms of the quality of work that they carry out, and also their interpersonal skills in working with customers. I, myself am studying as a Management Apprentice and this has turned out to be much more than just another course, - instead, one of the best learning opportunities I've had in recent years. So we're all learning & achieving together thanks to our respective apprenticeships." Paul Palmer - Southend Borough Council.

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Advanced Apprentice Employer

"The apprenticeship scheme has provided us with two people who bring the benefit of different experiences. Dominic is a young person embarking on his career while Ruth has raised a family and is now ready to embrace adifferent career path. The flexibility of the scheme enables both to make a positive contribution to the learning of the children. They demonstrate that the process of formal education can be a life long process and that career goals can be reached in different ways at different times.The fact that the process can lead to both practical and academic qualifications is a real strength. This makes it particularly attractive to people who may lack the confidence to embark on a purely academic programme. The term 'apprentice' gives a sense of being supported and that is what the scheme offers." Gerri Bennett - Westborough School


Childcare Level 2 - Level 5
Little Fishes Celebrating Achievement 2014-15 Employer of the Year

I have spent the last five years working alongside Little Fishes. I am in awe of the loyalty they have shown to the college, Little Fishes have sent around 10 students through our classroom doors, progressing from level 2 to level 5. Some started out as parents returning to work. This shows an understanding of the fundamental process of developing the full potential in people from the floorboards up. The business strives to give staff the confidence to go from unemployed to working full time, in a setting that demonstrates excellent social sustainability. Also, Little Fishes are one of few settings in the borough that have successfully employed and trained a male childcare worker and they have embraced all the positives that he brings to the role. Men in early Years are much needed and Little Fishes could be an advocate for what men in childcare can bring into the setting. This is another reason why Little Fishes are Employer of the Year.
Nominated by Amber Bardell


STARS Celebrating Achievement 2014-15 Community Partner of the Year

The college has worked with STARS (Southend Treatment And Recovery Service), for five years. Previously known as CRI, the service has recently undergone many changes: name, premises, staffing, funding and more rigorous focus of their work towards health, but continues to work with a large cross section of Southend’s community, some who may have fragile lives on the edge of social exclusion and who may have complex social and emotional needs, others who are in a stronger position – with less of a journey to make. The offer for the last four years was of short, non-accredited courses with a few work related workshops. Last year we were approached by Gerald Dzumbira, a community lead worker – previously a user of the service - who was keen to expand their training initiative and provide an enterprise initiative to allow a Recovery Café facility to be developed for the service. This was in line with one seen at Camden and planning was linked to Southend the Food Culture Initiative. Nine learners signed up to this more formal offer and delivery was successful. Some are now moving to develop their ICT skills. Unfortunately, towards the end Gerald was off work, so the journey towards the skills manifesting in the café is now an autumn/ winter plan, but nine people are ready to serve! This project was also supported by ESF funding.
Nominated by Jessica Russell & Sarah Holmes