Customer Service Full-time Vocational Programme

Customer Service
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Do you like working with people? This is a fantastic course that will lead to a huge range of career opportunities including retail, reception work, hospitality, travel and tourism and many more. You will gain confidence, help others, put a smile on their face and make their day! Employers will love you as you help their customers and boost their business.

We have 2 pathways depending on the qualifications you already have and your previous work experience

You will lean how to develop your communication skills, deal with all types of customers, how to deal with difficult situations, learn about life in the workplace and how to be an asset to your employer.

You will spend one day a week in placement giving you a chance to practice all you have learnt in college

As part of your full-time Customer Service Vocational Programme you will also study:

What next?

You have lots of options! Once you have finished your programme, gained your qualification and improved your Maths, English and ICT skills you can:


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