Courses for people with a learning disability and difficulty

Designed to meet individual needs
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Learning disability and difficulties impact on a range of individuals.  These new courses are available for people who have visible and non-visible disabilities and difficulties.

The courses aim to promote the development of personal, social, independence and work-related skills and prepare learners for independent living and employment.  The courses will use creative arts, group work and ICT to develop these skills and all of them develop literacy and numeracy along the way.

All the courses are accredited by external Awarding Organisations and the new courses provide an opportunity for learners to progress to a higher level course within the Bespoke Learning Department or into more vocational or community based learning.

Right learner, right course, right outcome

Our aim is to have each individual on the right course for them.  To do that all applicants will have an initial assessment with a member of staff.  That initial assessment will look at basic literacy and numeracy and talk about what it is the person wants to get from coming to the College.  Following the initial assessment, applicants will be offered a course which is right for them at that moment in time.

We understand that in some cases, that an applicant might want to be accompanied during the assessment and we are happy to accommodate that where practicable.


In a change from previous years, learners attend one day a week on the following courses:

CodeTitleDay(s) in collegeStart dateTimeWeeksLocation
9503Y17Towards IndependenceMonday18th Sept09:30-15:3036Southchurch
9503Y17Towards IndependenceFriday22nd Sept09:30-15:3036Southchurch
9504Y17Entry Level 2 Certificate in Personal & Social SkillsMonday18th Sept09:30-15:3036Southchurch
9504Y17Entry Level 2 Certificate in Personal & Social SkillsTuesday19th Sept09:30-15:3036Southchurch
9505Y17Entry Level 3 Certificate in Personal & Social SkillsTuesday19th Sept09:30-15:3036Southchurch
9505Y17Entry Level 3 Certificate in Personal & Social SkillsWednesday20th Sept09:30-15:3036Southchurch

If applicants are offered this course they will attend College 3 days a week and attend a work placement.

9102Y17Level 1 Certificate in Employability SkillsWednesday, Thursday & Friday20th Sept09:30-16:3036Southchurch

The Club

The Club is for people who do not wish to take an accredited educational programme and who prefer to take part in activities to maintain basic mobility, develop or keep social links with the College or enter the College for the first time before starting on an accredited course.  People will be able to undertake creative session within arts and music whilst working in groups.

The Club is not suitable for individuals who have profound needs.  If an individual has personal care needs, a carer will need to be present at the Club.  Maximum number at each session is 18.  Please note the Club runs throughout half terms.

CodeTitleDayStart date—end date TimeWeeksLocationCost
9999Y17G1ClubThursday morning21st Sept  - 15th December09:00-12:0014Southchurch£140
9999Y17G2ClubThursday afternoon21st Sept  - 15th December12:30-15:3014Southchurch£140
9999Y17G3ClubThursday morning4th January—29th March09:00-12:0013Southchurch£130
9999Y17G4ClubThursday afternoon4th January—29th March12:30-15:3013Southchurch£130
9999Y17G5ClubThursday morning19th April - 19th July09:00-12:0014Southchurch£140
9999Y17G6ClubThursday afternoon19th April—19th July12:30-15:3014Southchurch£140