Do you want to earn while you learn? We can help you find an apprenticeship. We work in close partnership with high quality local employers to make sure we give you the training and skills you need to be successful at work.

What are Apprenticeships?
Apprenticeships are an alternative to full time college courses. You gain a nationally recognised apprenticeship that will help you with your career and you get paid while you learn.
• You must be employed and work at least 30 hours a week and be paid for training in college and on the job.
• You will be paid at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage.
• This rate is for apprentices aged 16 to 18 and those aged 19 or over that are in their first year of their apprenticeship.
• All other apprentices are entitled to the National Minimum Wage for their age.

Each Apprenticeship Course includes:
• Off the Job Training to help you develop your skills and knowledge and, where relevant, achieve a vocational qualification
• English
• Maths
• Some apprenticeships include ICT. If you have already gained the right level qualifications in English, Maths or ICT you may not have to resit them.

Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16 and not in full time education. Apprenticeships can be for school leavers or those who are seeking to start a new career.
Every apprentice must spend at least 20% of their contracted employment hours (across the whole apprenticeship) on ‘off the job training’, developing the skills needed for their apprenticeship.
Most of our apprentices attend college one day a week and spend the remainder of the week at work. ions and crucially, be a part of our future. Email for more information.