Apprenticeships Learner FAQ

Your Frequently Asked Questions
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What is an Apprenticeship?
A programme of training delivered in the workplace during which the Apprentice receives quality hands-on experience and gains a recognised, national qualification. There are three levels - Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships.

Who can do an Apprenticeship?
Anyone who is 16+ and not taking part in full-time education. A willingness to gain further knowledge and skills in the workplace is essential.

What qualifications are included?
The Apprenticeship Framework contains Vocational qualifications and Functional Skills.

How does it work?
Apprentices can start at any time during the year, after attending an interview and undertaking an initial assessment. Each Apprentice has a college assessor who visits them in the workplace every 4 weeks. This is to carry out assessments, provide support to both Apprentice and employer, and to ensure that the welfare/health and safety needs of the Apprentice are being met. Apprenticeships are real jobs with training.

How long does it take?
Each Apprentice works to an individual Learning Plan. In general terms you can expect it to take 18 months per level to complete the full apprenticeship programme.

How much will I earn?
An employer has to pay the Apprentice a realistic wage (minimum of £2.73 per hour). The national minimum wage does not apply to Apprentices until after their 19th birthday. The qualification is Government funded (16-18), or Goverment and employer funded (19+). This is not a form of training the Apprentice would pay for themselves.

How do I find an Apprenticeship?

To see all the Apprenticeship vacancies currently available at SACC, please click here >>

To see all the Apprenticeship vacancies currently available in your area, please visit the National Apprenticeship website, click here >>

For information issued by the government on Apprenticeships, please click here >>

Find out more!
Please call 01702 445736 or email for further details and for an application form. These are available from the College or from Connexions/schools services around Southend.