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Business and Administration Intermediate Apprentice

"Becoming an apprentice is one of the best decisions I have ever made; earn while you learn! I look up to the management and senior staff and think to myself - someone has to replace them one day, so why can’t it be me?” If, I have the skills and carry on learning there is nothing to stop me. “I believe my department has benefited by having me as an apprentice. I now have my own set of jobs to complete on a daily basis. This allows the staff in my team to get on with their main priorities. I feel like I am one of the team now, and have put a lot of work into the day-to-day duties I have at work”. Daniel Cooper - The Tickfield Centre.

Business and Administration Advanced Apprentice

"I have found my apprenticeship incredibly helpful. I feel it has given me a good grounding and knowledge in business and administration. I would recommend being part of the apprenticeship scheme to anyone wishing to start out, it’s a way of getting your ‘foot in the door’ whilst gaining a qualification, and earning at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!” Evie Rogers - Planet Leasing.

Business and Administration Advanced Apprentice

"Ben was a Business and Administration Advanced Level apprentice, who consistently exceeded the expectations of his employer Planet Leasing. Ben's employer Darren Nash said "Ben has come a long way from the quiet and shy schoolboy that we employed. He is now an essential part of our team at Planet Leasing and a credit to the apprenticeship programme".
Ben Sparrow - Planet Leasing

Business and Administration Higher Apprentice

“Moving from a Advanced course to a Higher in Business and Administration has enabled me to broaden my skills and enhance my prospects after my apprenticeship has finished. The development opportunities that the level 4 provides are excellent and have allowed me to broaden my role professionally.” Catherine Benford - Southend Borough Council

Customer Service Intermediate Apprentice

“My apprenticeship also includes Level 1 Functional Skills Maths and English, and I’ve previously completed qualifications in Personal Best in Event Volunteering and a Level 1 pre-apprenticeship programme. I intend to use the skills I’ve learned in my theory lessons, to work my way up to earning more responsibility in my role, so I can improve myself both at work and at home. I’m still unsure as to what I plan to do next, but I know that I don’t just want to sit around, and that I enjoy working and bettering myself. To anyone that is considering an apprenticeship programme, you should go for it, because the knowledge you'll gain is invaluable, and I believe everyone can benefit from an apprenticeship." Michelle Martin - Southend Adult Community College

Customer Service Intermediate Apprentice

“Before becoming a member of the Employer Responsiveness Team at Southend Adult Community College I lacked in confidence. Doing my Customer Service Level 2 qualification and my maths functional skills has made me progress not only in my confidence, but with my communication and numeracy skills. I have really enjoyed my time at SACC and now I am moving on to become a Customer Service Representative at a local company. I wouldn’t have been able to obtain that position without my qualification and experience that I gained here at the college. I believe Southend Adult Community College is a fantastic place to work, amazing people and excellent training and procedures.” Amy Alden - Southend Adult Community College

Customer Service Advanced Apprentice

"I found out about the customer service apprenticeship scheme whilst reading more about national apprenticeships on the website. I thought this role sounded interesting and different to anything that I'd previously attempted, so I applied for it. I was then invited to interview and got offered the job." Adam Rush - South Essex Homes.

Children and Young People's Workforce Intermediate Apprentice

"The friendly atmosphere encouraged me to complete my studies here at the college, and everyone seemed helpful and able to answer my questions prior to enrolment. My favourite part of being an apprentice is being able to learn and earn a qualification whilst working and gaining experience in childcare. I use the skills I’ve gained every day when I’m at work and I plan to expand on them in the future. I plan to continue working in childcare and study for my level 3 qualification. My advice to anyone that would want to complete this course would be ‘go for it’, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!" Hayley Stephenson - Eastwood Community Preschool.

Children and Young People's Workforce Advanced Apprentice

“I started my course in April 2011 with Helen as my tutor and workplace assessor and completed the qualification in May 2012. Helen made the whole thing a pleasure, she was funny, an absolute joy. I would return for any courses that she was teaching.” Debbie Ankin

Child Care Level 3

"I first came across the college through applying for jobs on the job centre website, there was a level 3 childcare apprenticeship being advertised and i was unemployed at the time so i applied. I have worked in a Childcare setting before and enjoyed it whilst achieving my Level 2 qualification. I had an interview with my potential work placement who accepted me and i came to the College for my induction. I'm really enjoying my course; hopefully after i complete my Level three i am looking to go onto further education to become a teacher within a primary school setting. The college has given me the opportunity to work towards the career that i would like to take. I am also completing my functional skills maths alongside the apprenticeship which has helped me learn a lot more than i ever did throughout school, thanks to my tutor." Trisha walls.

Health and Social Care Intermediate Apprenticeship

"I chose Southend Adult Community College because it offered a good opportunity for work based learning, my favourite part of being an apprentice, so far, is learning and gaining real life experiences. I will be going to university after my course to develop my career further; this experience is valuable to all health and social care workers.The advice I would give to those wanting to follow this path too, is be prepared for hard work, make the most of every opportunity offered to you in your work experience placement! Victoria Moulton - The Westcliff Centre.

Horticulture Intermediate Apprentice

“I started with Southend Borough Council’s Parks Department in 2007 as a seasonal gardener. In October 2010, I joined the Intermediate Apprenticeship scheme, hoping to further my skills and knowledge and improve my employment potential. After a year, I achieved my NVQ Level 2 in Work-Based Horticulture and received my Apprenticeship Documents. I have since gone on to start the Advanced Apprenticeship, with Level 3 NVQ in Horticulture. The whole experience has been really enjoyable and thoroughly worthwhile—and who wouldn’t enjoy learning and earning at the same time?” Daryl V.

Horticulture Advanced Apprentice

"My employer encouraged me to undertake this course, and my favourite parts of my apprenticeship are the practical elements of my job. I’ve used my classes here at the college to put theory into practice, and I plan to try and start my own business once I have more experience. Apprenticeships are proven to be really useful for work prospects in the future." Sam Down - Mown and Grown.

IT Intermediate Apprentice

"I am currently working as a Network Support Apprentice, and I chose this college for my studies because it’s easy to get to and friendly. My favourite part of being an apprentice is my ever changing role and the new challenges I come across each day. I use the skills from my course to identify equipment used in my workplace, learn about new software and the technical way of completing a task or responding to a query. Once I have completed my apprenticeship I plan to either teach IT or find a role in a company as a technician and work my way up. My apprenticeship is very beneficial to me, and valuable, because it has set me on a pathway for life. I am finally happy and enjoy my job, which motivates me to work towards personal goals and succeed". Jade Deighton - Southend Adult Community College.

IT Advanced Apprentice

“A teacher at my sixth form recommended that I took on this apprenticeship because of my interest in ICT. I’ve never worked in this sort of environment before, and I like the change, I use all my new skills in my workplace, and intend to throughout my career. Once I finish my apprenticeship I want to either apply for jobs in IT in London, or try locally”. Sam Rook - Southend Borough Council.

Management Advanced Apprentice

"Studying as a Management Apprentice has turned out to be much more than just another course, - instead, one of the best learning opportunities I've had in recent years. I line manage two members of staff who are also studying at SACC as IT Apprentices. It's extremely rewarding to see my staff develop professionally, both in terms of the quality of work that they carry out, and also their interpersonal skills in working with customers. So we're all learning & achieving together thanks to our respective apprenticeships." Paul Palmer - Southend Borough Council

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Intermediate Apprentice

"Mrs Bennett, our Deputy Head teacher, suggested I would benefit from taking this course. I have been working at Westborough School for a year as a teaching assistant and really enjoyed it. When the opportunity was offered to me to take the Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools course, I jumped at the chance to increase my background knowledge. I am using the skills at the school in the classroom. I am considering continuing my studies to become a teacher, because my learning experience has been challenging and interesting." Ruth Taylor - Westborough School


Business Administration Apprentice
Natalie Skingsley Celebrating Achievement 2014-15 Apprentice of the Year 

From day one Natalie’s impact on reducing the workload in the Marketing Team has been significant. Her insight into social media and the different social media platforms available have helped the college extend its followers and reach on Facebook and Twitter. Team Leaders have reported a correlation between the work Natalie has done online to an increase in class numbers. Natalie’s attention to detail and creative flare have been put to good use with the revamp of the college’s website. She worked methodically through all areas of the site creating new artwork and imagery. This was no small task given the amount of pages our site has. Her organised approach to this task meant that the project was completed within a fortnight and not the four weeks it was originally scheduled for. The change in Natalie over the last seven months is unbelievable. She is now a confident, effective team player.
Nominated by Lisa Pearce