16-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know
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· Can I claim Food/Travel expenses?

All of this stuff will be talked about in a one to one in a tutorial session when you first start.

· What qualifications do I get?

This depends on the course as all of our courses are at different levels. In your first interview, any concerns or worries you have will be talked about to help you choose the right course.

· How long is my course and can I leave when I have finished my qualifications?

All of our courses run for different lengths and we will talk to you about this when we meet you. We will also talk to you about what you want to do once finishing the course.

· How do I know when I sit my test and when do I know I’m ready?

Guidance is given throughout your course to make you feel that you are involved every step of the way on your learning journey. You will only sit your test when all of us, which includes you, feel that you are ready for this next step.

· Who do I get in touch with when I am ill?

You will be given a list of people to get in touch with and how to go about it on your interview day.

· What can I do when my course is finished?

Before your course starts and finishes you will be spoken to about your next step and future aims. You will be given information and guidance sessions which will outline what is available to help you reach your goals and pass your course.